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My Bag of Tricks to Make Fun Food

I had no idea that my crinkle cutter could create such a reaction! My readers love the crinkle cut veggies!  My kids love them too, so I’m pretty confident your kids will like them.  Since everyone is asking about how I cut our cucumbers the other day, here is the reveal of the crinkle cutter:



cucumber marinade3

To be completely honest, I can not verify where I found it.  It was most likely at Target or Wal-Mart, since I usually buy stuff there. (I also saw a Crinkle Cutter on Amazon.) It would also most likely be in the kitchen gadget aisle.  Helpful?  I don’t know.. but I’m trying here.

Here are some other tools I use to make our food more fun:

Cookie cutters, and silicone molds:


I don’t have as many cookie cutters as this awesome cookie blogger,(holy Snipes! You need to check out her pic and then come back and tell me how CA-RA-ZY it is!!) but I’ve got a few good ones.

Then I have my token Japanese Bento Picks (picked up at the Japanese market)


And a few other fun Bento gadgets, rice molds, egg mold, and bunny punch.


So, anyway.  I hope you can find things that I use in my food and my food pics. It really does make cooking more beautiful Smile



They’re often called garnishers. Mine is from Pampered Chef, although it looks like they have them on Amazon. It makes chopping potatoes a breeze.


Thanks Cathie! I had no idea what they were called. I’ve never tried to cut potatoes with it, so that will definitely be next!


Aha! So that’s how you do it!! 😀 Really, you just need to come to my kitchen and show me how to use everything! I actually do have a rice mold, oh! and a crinkle cutter in my kitchen arsenal too! I just don’t know how to wield them very well! 😀


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