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30% Fat

I don’t follow extreme ideas or diets.  I really enjoy a good Nutterbutter cookie, fashioned into a spoon and used to scoop Cool Whip. But most of the time I eat well.   However, doing my formative years in the 80’s have left me a teensy bit fat-o-phobic. It was the “everything should be fat-free” decade.   The decade where eating pretzels and red licorice was the way to lose weight.  It’s been difficult for me to accept the fact that my kids and even I need to include healthy fat in our diet.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend 30% of a child’s diet should come from healthy fat.  One of the benefits of fat in our diet that should really motivate me is for healthier skin.  My kids literally have the worst dry, itchy, flaky skin I have ever seen.  Some extra fat in their diet would help.   Food sources of healthy fat include avacado, nuts, seeds, flax, fish, and olive oil.  Fat’s we need to cut back on is butter and any hydrogenated  (or trans) fats.

Can we do it? I’m good at adding flax to various baked goods, they like avocado’s but they are expensive most of the year, we aren’t much of a fish family.  But we do love nuts!  I just need to limit myself to 1 oz a day.

Tip of the day: Crush nuts and mix with bread crumbs to coat chicken and bake.

avocado toast

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I’ve tried low-fat eating and I’m hungry ALL the time. I’ve since learned to eat healthy fats instead. It’s interesting how the fad diets all come back to moderation in the end (where have we learned that before?) Great post!


I call it the satiety factor. My husband thinks I made it up, but it’s common knowledge fat is satiating!


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